In 2014 SEIKO Precision Inc., Japan decided to close its sales in Europe - SEIKO Precision (Europe) GmbH - by the end of 2014 in an effort to optimize corporate structures.

To be able to offer the same level of customer support in Europe in the future from January 2015 onwards, SEIKO Precision decided to announce BUERK MOBATIME GmbH in Germany as the EXCLUSIVE IMPORTER and Head Distributor for the SEIKO Precision time recording and time stamp products carrying the SEIKO Precision or respectively the SEIKO brand name. BUERK MOBATIME in Germany is one of SEIKO Precision's oldest and largest customers in Europe.

We would like to assure you - as a new customer or as a previous SEIKO Precision customer - that BUERK MOBATIME Europe GmH will keep offering the SEIKO Precision time recorder and time stamp products as well as the supply with consumables such as ribbons (including those for Seiko Precision / SEIKOSHA dot matrix  printers) and time cards, card racks, etc. for those products from our own warehouse in Germany. So the availability of the SEIKO Precision products such as TP-20, QR-395 and Z120 will NOT BE AFFECTED AT ALL by this decision. Furthermore, BUERK MOBATIME carries also a range of classic time recorders, time stamps and electronic time & attendance products that should be of interest to our dealers, distributors and customer needs.

Thus, we would like to send a warm welcome from our side to all returning SEIKO Precision customers, along with some basic information.

We take very much pride in having achieved the representation for SEIKO Precision time recorders in Europe by means of a so to say "Head distributor agreement" with the SEIKO Precision Inc. headquarter in Japan. Sales activities under this agreement will commence as of january 01st, 2015 and we would like to highligt the fact that the BUERK MOBATIME service level and support for established SEIKO Precision customers, distributors and dealers will remain unchanged. Of Course we will put our best effort into this business relationship with SEIKO Precision and we hope and appreciate your continued trust and confidence in the SEIKO Precision products and BUERK MOBATIME Europe GmbH as your point of contact.

Please note that in order to separate existing markets of BUERK MOBATIME GmbH in Germany and Austria from the SEIKO Precision sales channels and markets throughout Europe, we have founded a new affiliate company. The name of this company, dedicated to international time recording business and your main sales contact, ist BUERK MOBATIME Europe GmbH, This is our website!

If you wish to learn more about BUERK MOBATIME GmbH and the MOBATIME Group please visit also www.buerk-mobatime.de