Seiko Z120

Time recording device Z120

The Z120 is a time recorder / punch clock for working time recording on a new monthly stamp card with 6 columns / 31 rows (weekly and 2-weekly cards also available) to simplyfy the punch clock operation and following payroll work.


  • Work time registrations in 6 columns and 31 rows on single sided stamp card "Type M"
  • Up to 3 IN- / OUT-registrations per day (total of 6 punches) in hours and minutes.
  • Time registration without arithmetic function with simple time card type "SEIKO M".
  • Illuminated display with display of time, date, day of week and print column indication.
  • Automatic card feeder.
  • Fully automatic summer / winter time changeover can be programmed.
  • Immediately ready for operation after power connection, date retention even during a power failure.