Time Recorder Seiko Precision QR-7550


Seiko Precision QR-7550


Key features:

  • Backlit LCD Display for Time, Date, Weekday
  • Active printing column is indicated by backlit button
  • Individual parameter programming for different functions and schedules via PC
  • Motorized auto-feed and auto-eject of time cards
  • Automatic IN / OUT printing column shift with barcoded timecard
  • Automatic differentiation of timecard front / back
  • USB stick interface* for transfering the data to / from the PC
  • 3 selectable pay periods: monthly, weekly or bi-weekly
  • Regular minutes, (1/60) or  1/100 of the hour
  • Automatic daylight saving time adjustment (DST) if desired
  • Built in memory backup-battery
  • Contact for external signal (requires optional relay)
  • cabinet with lock and key plus password protected settings


* due to the vast selection of USB sticks we cannot guarantee that a particular USB stick might work with the QR-7550. Especially USB sticks that contain a security, data compression or other type of software function might not work. In general it can be set that USB sticks without such software and with a capacity of 256 - 512 KB seem to work best and the fastest. However, even USB sticks of 4 GB have been found work, but cause the data transfer process to be rather time consuming.


Built in memory backup battery to keep all settings even through power failures.
Option: Additional battery backup for punching / printing even during powerful failures. Fully charged the battery allows for max. 100 punches within 24 hrs without power.


Functions and programming:

6 different print formats with different settings for:

  • Date and 12/24 hours
  • Weekday and 12/24 hours
  • Large character printing
  • 12 hours format (AM/PM)
  • Date and 12/24 hours
  • Weekday 12/24 hours

48 different program settings for automatic column selection, spezial mark printing for core time violations.

Printing mark ♦ if using the "overnight" resp. Nightshift key. Using this function if clocked in the evening before the out punch can be made the next morning in the previous day line.