Time Recorder Seiko QR 395


Seiko QR-395


Can be operating mode using the barcoded time cards known from QR-375 and QR-475 or in non, calculating mode using the uncoded cards SEIKO Type "S" known from QR-350.

So the QR-395 can replace any  QR-350, QR-350, QR-375 or QR-475 for recording IN/OUT and break times of up to 100 employees (using the coded cards) or "unlimited" employees using the non-coded cards. Also the "unlimited clocking" application is possible with the barcoded cards and the card total can be transferred over to a new card limit (total of 32 lines) is reached.

Selectable programs:

  • Time programs for fix time, flex time or part time.
  • Cumulated total work time per day and total worked hours in 4 columns and 32 lines using barcoded time cards (100 differenty coded cards available).
  • One or more (also unlimited clockings) IN-/OUT-Registrations per day in hours and minutes.
  • Time registration without calculation using the simple timecard type "SEIKO S".
  • Backlit LCD Display showing Time, Date, Day of week and printing column.
  • Automatic card intake with correct page recognition (using monthly cards, 15 days/side).
  • Programmable, fully automatic daylight savings time changes (Summer-/Wintertime).
  • Can be used immediately after connecting to AC power. Memory save Li-battery.