Time Recorder K600

Time Recorder BÜRK K600


Functions and Programming:

The following functions can be programmed and set:

  • 4 different print formats selectable:
    - Date, 24 hours
    - Weekday, 24 hours
    - Date, 12 hours
    - Weekday, 12 hours
  • Time registration in hrs. and min. or 1/100 hrs.
  • Automatic card return without registration when wrong side is inserted, and the buzzer is sounding to remember user to turn the card over.
  • Day advance time at any time of the day (factory setting at 00:00 hrs.)
  • Automatic Daylight Saving Time adjustment (CET/CEST).
  • Pay Period selectable:
    - Monthly
    - Weekly
    - 2-weekly
  • Automatic punch column selection is programmable. Printing in RED color for core time violation.
  • Display and Operator panel: The print column can be selected directly via 6 push buttons.
  • Display content:
    - Day of the week Mo.- Su.
    - Date/day of the month 1-31
    - Time and daylight saving time indicator (Summer/Winter).
  • Signal possibility external / internal, time and duration adjustable 1-30 seconds. 1 dry contact for external signal and/or internal melody.