Time Signal Receiver GPS 4500

Satellite Time Signal Receiver GPS 4500


For the precise time synchronization of Master Clocks like EuroTime Center ETC, all DTS devices and almost any electronic device or computer capable to read-in the time/date information as DCF 77 time code (current loop, UTC or CET).

The GPS 4500 is constructed as an all in one device. That means, antenna and receiver module are both located in the high quality outdoor case.

UV-protected 4 wire cable for power supply and time code transmission.

The miniaturized concept simplifies the mounting and commissioning of this new generation of Satellite Time Signal Receivers.

General description

The GPS 4500 satellite time signal receiver consists of an antenna receiving the 1.57542 GHz signal, transmitted by the GPS satellites orbiting approx. 20,000 km from the earth’s surface; each satellite is carrying 2 ultra high precision time bases. The received time information is evaluated in our GPS receiver and sent to any master clock or time base.

Consequently all clocks and master clocks accepting the DCF (UTC or CET) code, capable to calculate local time, can be connected directly to a GPS 4500.


Option: Surge protection box SP 4500

Optionally, a SP 4500 can be mounted between the GPS 4500 and a master clock. As a result, the master clock will be protected against lightning.

Surge protection box SP 4500