Time Recorder Seiko Precision TP-20

Seiko Precision TP-20


The Time and date stamp SEIKO PRECISION TP-20 * is the most relieable and advanced device of its class. SEIKO PRECISION decades of experience with high precision and reliable time stamp and time recording devices such as TP-5, TP-10 and TP-15 is clearly showing and has been a big impact on the development of the TP-20.

This time recorder offers more convenient and versatile features than ever with various print formats and numbering, and a large window for positioning the document or material to be printed. The TP-20 can be applied to every business situation you want to record time, date and/or numbering or replace old and heavy manually operated time  / date stamps.


* Customer beware - nowadays there are several SEIKO PRECISION TP-20 look-alike and pirate copy low cost products available over the Internet or products are advertised as "made by SEIKO" or “similar to TP-20” or carry similar product names such as TP-2000 or TP 200 and more. To avoid being misled into purchasing such a sub-standard product or if in doubt please check with us using the contact form here on our website to make sure that a certain product offering really is "the real" SEIKO PRECISION TP-20 or not. Otherwise you might regret it later.