Time Recorder Seiko Precision TP-20

Seiko Precision TP-20

TP-20 is not available anymore. Please look at TP-50 and TP-6.

The TP-20 performs important functions such as:

  • time recording for imprinting documents with time / date / comment
  • time stampling for imprinting documents with date and time in 29 selectable formats
  • large character printing for OCR reader applications
  • numbering documents sequentially
  • customizable comments imprinting up to 3 lines

Main features:

  • Never needs resetting and keeps time / date even during power failures
  • Perpetual calender until the Year 2099
  • Left or right hand alignment
  • Large cabinet window for easy document alignment
  • Stampling function manual, automatic, semi-automatic
  • Automatic daylight savings time adjustment (D.S.T.)
  • Up to 8 digits numbering, up/down count and several repeat / reset options
  • 29 preset printing formats plus manual modifications and custom comments
  • 4 digit password protection plus lock / key
  • programmable internal or external (option) signal

The main function of a time and date stamp ist the registration or date, time, numbers and comments - preset or programmable, progressive or static and/or in combination there of and  in different languages and character sizes.

Typical applications are documentation of Start or End times in workshops, car repair and in simple Job costing, order or project control but also for arrival / departure applications for persons or vehicles (simple parking meter).

In banking or insurance applications the printing of deposits slips or new contracts or order with the exact date and time of order and exedution plus the possibility do document time, date, affiliate number, fixed numbers, xounts, etc. even with multible copies thanks to the reliable dot matrix impact technologiy. The 9 needle dot matrix printhead with its longlife printing ribbon ist not sensitive against heat, cold, humidity or other harsh environments.

For the automatic numbering several formats can be chosen and up to 8 digits can be selected including starting number, number of repeats before increment or decrement, as well as number of repeats before reset or other number rest conditions can be programmed.


Signal-Module "Option Board"

With connector, for the control of a total of 48 signal times (internal + ext.). External signal via a relais contact (without voltage output). The Signal-Module has also an input for a minute pulse (12-24 VDC) for connecting a synchronization from a master clock or a DCF 77 radio signal receiver.

Art. Nr. 66082

DCF-77 Kit for radio signal time synchronization

The DCF-77 kit consists of the Signal Module "On Board" Art. 66082 (see above) and a DCF-77 radio signal receiver (IP 65) with 5 m cable for mounting in- /outside

Art. Nr. 66083

Battery pack with connector

Is connected to the TP-20 power supply by simple connector and after being fully charged allows for approx. 100 printing actions within 24 hours, even without mains power.

Art. Nr. 66019

Printing ribbon cassette, black for TP-20

Art. Nr. 695603