Bürk ZWS BOX incl. 5 RFID Transponder

The new, unique time clock terminal with pre-installed software. Look and feel of a traditional time card with easy recognition of work time account balance but convenience of an electronic time & attendance system.


Commissioning the BÜRK ZWS Box could not be simpler:

Time Recorder ZWS Box Mouting1. Mounting

The supplied drilling template indicates the precise positions of the holes on the wall. Draw the network and power cables trought the waterproof cover and metal plate and mount the device on the wall.

Connecting ZWS Box2. Connect terminal

Connect the Ethernet and power cables.



Software  ZWS Box3. Start up

The ZWS Box is immediately ready for operation once connected to power. You do not need any additional software to read the data. Once the employees have been created using the menu options, the terminal is ready for clocking in/out. Each employee can see bookings / punches for the day or week directly at the terminal. Infrigements of core periods and missing records are displayed in red.


For payroll purposes, all stored clocking in/out records can be exported into a .csv file for analysis or easy import with external payroll software programms. The creation of printouts (analyses, employee report) is straightforward.

MitarbeiterausweiseEmployee ID cards:

The employee ID Cards take the form of RFID transponders. They can be kept easily on a key chain due to their small size.


No additional software is required . The integrated software is operated via a web browser. Attendance time can be viewed online in "real time".


Licence fees (points) are charged for use of the software. These depend on the number of employees and are charged simply via a licence card ("prepaid principle") on a weekly basis. The licence card contains a licence number through which the software is activated. Software use for 5 employees is included in the trade price of the divice as a permanent licence.