Obsolete products from SEIKO Precision or SEIKOSHA and consumables for such older products

If you are looking for support on older SEIKO Precision or SEIKOSHA printers, time recorders or time stamps or for that “hard to find” SEIKO Precision or SEIKOSHA ribbon or spare part please feel free to use the contact form below to check back with us. We still carry most of the original SEIKO Precision printer ribbons and spare parts in our stock.


BÜRK Mobatime Europe GmbH

Phone +49 (0) 7720 / 85 35 - 0
Fax     +49 (0) 7720 / 85 35 - 11
E-Mail: info@buerk-mobatime.eu

BÜRK Mobatime Europe GmbH - Office Nord

Herr Jörg Getzin

Phone +49 (0) 4848 - 90 12534
Fax     +49 (0) 4848 - 90 12536
E-Mail: joerg.getzin@buerk-mobatime.eu



To send a message to Buerk Mobatime Europe GmbH, please fill out the form below. Please be sure to mention the exact product name and serial number from the rating plate on the bottom or back of the product. This will help us to identify the ribbon type or spare part you might be asking for.