Time & Date Stamp Seiko Precision TP-50


Seiko TP-50

Programmable Time & Date Stamp with 2-line printing mechanism

Technical Data


Print activation: Manual, Automatic, Semi-automatic

Print head: 9 pins

Print color (Ink ribbon cassette): Black (TP-1051N)

No. of printabel lines: 2 lines per shot (print one set of "Print Set")

Print length: 160 dots (approx. 20 characters)

Print direction: Right / Left

Print alignment: Left / Center / Right

Adjustable print margin: Up to 30 mm from paper edge

Paper guide gauge: YES


Print "seconds": YES

Printing minutes: 1/60, 1/10, 1/20, or 1/100 of hour

Printing hours: AM/PM / 24 hours

Print with leading zero: Month, Date, Time

Print formats: 37 (including 8 customized comments)

Fixed comments: 15 ("START" and "END" are added)

Print set: 4 print sets (3 of them are extra feature via USB stick)

Customized comment: 8 comments (6 of them are extra feature via USB stick)

Shifted time printing: 4 shifts (3 of them are extra feature via USB stick)
                                      Future date and time printing (up to 13 days 23 hrs and 59 min.)

Numbering counter: 4 counters (3 of them are extra feature via USB stick)

Numbering digit: Up to 8 digits

Numbering repeat: Up to 9 times

Counting mode: Count-up / Count-down; Counting stop / Loop counting

Designation  of counting range: Initial Minimum, Maximum number

Counter reset (Back to initial number: Manual (by key operation) / Daily / Prohibited


Display (clock / setting): L.C.D. (Monochrome Graphic display)

Backlight: White (On/Off selectable)

Display hours: AM/PM / 24 hours


Memory capacity: 1,022 punches or less (Date, Time, No., Device No., Print set No.) *1

Data pick up: csv file via USB stick

Setting data installation: text file via USB stick


Daylight saving time: YES - Automatic

Multi-language (Printing): 7 (Englisch / Spanish / German / French / Italien / Portuguese / Numeric)

Setting keys: 4 keys and setting button (Setting button is not  exposed to outside - under the cover)

Printing keys: 4 keys on top side (outside of the cover) (for punching & selecting comment)
                         (The keys are common with setting keys)

Weekly programm: 48 steps for Standby print set Print Lock/Unlock
                                    Print set selection Lock/Unlock

Memory back-up: 3 years

Security lock (Password): YES

Physical lock: YES (Metal key)

Wall mount: YES

Light at print area: YES (On/Off selectable)

MAXIMUM theoretical clock deviation: better than +/- 15 seconds/month

Punch during power failure: Option (QR-12004N), 100 punches or standby 24 hours *2

Dimension (W x D x H): 156 x 179 x 181 mm;
                                            6-5/32" x 7-1/16" x 7-1/8"

Weight: 1,8 kg (4.Olbs)

AC Cord or AC Adapter: AC cord

 Specifications may change without prior notice.
1* Customized comment itself can't be recorded. Punches without number is not recorded.
2* Optional battery; QR-12004N. During power supply battery. LCD backlight and light at print area are turned off.