DTS 4148.grandmaster

Multipurpose time server and grandmaster

The DTS 4148.grandmaster sets new standards as a time reference for NTP and PTP clients in medium and large networks (Ethernet/IPV4/IPV6). With its high-precision and intelligent concept for redundant operation, it offers a high degree of  reliability and availability.

Your benefits using DTS 4148.grandmaster:

  • Features two completely separated LAN ports:
    - provides NTP in two different networks
    - can be synchronized over one LAN port and synchronize a separated network over the other LAN port
    - Synchronizes two networks as PTP grandmaster
  • High degree of system redundancy due to redundant operation via fiberoptic link:
    - high availability
    - master-slave operation with automatic switch over in case of an error
  • Multipurpose device due to the different time code outputs: NTP/PTP, IRIG/AFNOR, serial RS232/RS485, DCF, high accurate pulses

Can be used in many different applications due to its multiple functions.