ATS 4100.timeserver

Multiport NTP time server

The ATS 4100.timeserver is a powerful time server optimized for multiple networks. It provides 4 network ports to  synchronize different networks with NTP. With up to 8000 NTP requests per second, large networks with a lot of NTP clients can be supplied with time. Synchronized by GPS and with an internal OCXO oscillator, the ATS 4100 is a reliable time  source for all network devices.

Your benefits using ATS 4100.timeserver:

  • Up to 4 completely separated LAN ports:
    - provides NTP in different networks (more than 8000 requests/s per ATS 4100)
  • 1 PPS output
  • Precise time:
    - Time reception from GPS
    - OCXO oscillator for holdover