ATS 4100.timeserver

Multiport NTP time server


Nowadays, online NTP servers are often used for the time synchronization of a server or data center in the IT area. However, this kind of synchronization is not ideal in terms of reliability and operating safety, as a loss of internet connection leads to a loss of an accurate NTP time source.

Because different NTP clients operate with a variety of time-keeping mechanisms,these disturbances cause time deviations between various devices (device  times drift apart).

The time deviation increases the longer the loss of connection persists. This can endanger the operation of the system (e.g. data inconsistency).

By using an ATS 4100 time server, this risk can be greatly reduced. As a local time server, the ATS 4100 guarantees additional operating safety by using GPS as a timesource. The GPS delivers a time signal with the accuracy of an atomic clock and a high availability that is used by the ATS 4100 to create NTP packets.

In case of loss of the GPS signal, it carries on the time with its intern OCXO oscillator and is as such available as an accurate NTP time reference for all installed NTP clients.

Example of use

 Timeserver ATS 4100 - Example of use

ATS 4100 - Operation and mounting

 Timeserver ATS 4100 - Front panel

Timeserver ATS 4100 - Rear panel


The ATS 4100 can either be placed on a table or mounted in a 19" server rack using the mounting brackets included in the delivery (see picture).

Timeserver ATS 4100 - Mounting