DTS 4210.timecenter

High precision time server, grandmaster and PRC

Time precision

Utmost accuracy is achieved with GPS synchronization. An intelligent time management ensures lasting high accuracy by continuously compensating quartz drift and aging.

The internal time is adjusted to the time reference (e.g. GPS) in one step or slowly shifted (in adjustable micro steps) to avoid any time leaps (e.g. after a longer loss of the time source).

Top performance for large networks

The high performance DTS 4210.timecenter can reply more than 5000 NTP and SNTP requests per second, which allows for the synchronization of several thousand clients.

NTP authentication

The DTS 4210 supports NTP authentication for increased security, which allows the clients to verify the source of the received NTP packets.

Safe and convenient operation

Operation over LAN via MOBA-NMS (SNMP), Telnet, SSH or SNMP protocols is possible. SSH and SNMP (MD5 authentication and DES for encryption) enable a secured connection. Special software is required for operation by
SNMP protocol.

Fault indication

Alarms are reported via SNMP messages, e-mail or by alarm relay.
Additionally, the display can be used to check the alarm state by pressing the red push button.



Timeserver DTS 4210.timecenter - Frontview

Front view


  • Terminal
  • USB connector for software update, file upload to the time server (e.g. telegram files, time zone table...) and maintenance

LEDs: Power, alarm and synchronization.
Display: Time, date, status, alarm, IP...

Timeserver DTS 4210.timecenter - Rear view

Rear view


  • Power: 2x mains power connector, 2x DC power supply input
  • Alarm: alarm relay contact
  • Synch. outputs:
    - 4x E1
    - 8x serial RS 232 / RS 422 / RS 485 interfaces
    - 4x DCF current loop output
    - 4x IRIG-B
  • LAN connectors
    - 12x RJ45 100/1000MBit
    - 4x SFP
  • GPS antenna connector female




To avoid time deviation between two DTS 4210.timecenters, they can be linked via a fiber-optic connection by using two  GBIC modules.

The two timecenters automatically negotiate their state as master or slave. The slave is always synchronized by the   master. In case of a failure of the synchronization source (GPS or NTP), automatic swap between master and slave state will occur. The parameters for the swap can be configured. The “master” DTS time server always has the better NTP  stratum level than the slave.

Possible synchronization sources

• 2 GPS receivers

Redundant power

The DTS 4210.timecenter has two monitored inputs for entirely redundant power supply. The stand-by power supply input is also monitored.

Possible power variants:
• 24 VDC, non-redundant
• 24 VDC + 24 VDC, redundant
• 230 VAC + 24 VDC, redundant
• 230 VAC + 230 VAC, redundant
• 230 VAC, non-redundant

 Timeserver DTS.4210 timecenter - Redundant power