Net Master Clock DTS 4801/4802.masterclock

The Master Clock for networks


The Net Master Clock DTS 480x.masterclock is developed especially for network environment.

It is able to control conventional impulse clocks, self-setting MOBALine or IRIG-B / AFNOR slave clocks and is used as an
accurate NTP time reference (time server) for computer systems.

The DTS 480x.masterclock can be synchronized by a time signal receiver (DCF 4500 or GPS 4500) and/or by NTP time servers (LAN / Internet).

The DCF current loop output can be used to synchronize other devices (e.g. master clocks).

The DTS 480x.masterclock is equipped with 4 alarm control inputs either to monitor other connected devices or to link  external signals (e.g. from sensors) to switching commands.

A serial RS 232 / RS 485 interface with configurable script file, to output special synchronization telegrams, completes the  features of this multipurpose master clock. Alarms are signaled by a relay, with SNMP traps or by e-mail.

By means of the management software MOBA-NMS, all DTS devices can be fully operated and monitored.